Hi, I’m Tommy Marshall, full-stack engineer.



Medallia, Staff Software Engineer (April 2017—Present)

Leading new engineering teams after acqusition by improving processes, git workflow, tech architecture, mentoring and writing code. On a small team tasked with building awesome interfaces writing TypeScript using React, Redux, GraphQL, and other technologies and tools that help companies monitor, engage with, and craft better experiences for their customers.

Viget, Front-End Developer (January 2012—April 2017)

Primary role was building out design comps in Photoshop/Illustrator and integrating with PHP and Rails-based applications and CMS’s. Because of my full-stack expertise, I was often the lead developer on projects requiring configuration of CMS’s.

I mentored multiple interns and new hires by reviewing their work, scheduling coding sessions, and teaching professional development skills on communication and writing well.

Sire Studios, Inc., Co-Founder (May 2008—January 2012)

Led all web development efforts, including building out custom designed comps into HTML/CSS files and integrating into WordPress CMS. Responsible for maintaining over 35 client sites and technical needs of the business.


George Mason University

B.S. Economics with a Minor in Information Technology

Notable Client Work and Awards

ESPN’s Anatomy of a Pitch

Led development and UX showcasing video and high fidelity assets. Built on Backbone and had to work down to IE7. This site reached 19.7 million users on Twitter. Awards include: multiple Webby Awards Honoree’s and Nominated for an Emmy in Best User Experience, Navigation Structure, and Use of Video categories, 2015


Sole developer for a JavaScript powered Canvas game. Built in 2012 to showcase what browsers were capable of. Over 5 years since my last commit and it still runs great. It won Awwwards Site of the Day, 2013

Atlantic Philanthropies

Led development, WordPress configuration, custom Plugin development and Custom Import Application.

I applied best practices including zero-downtime deployment and composer for managing Wordpress and Plugin versions. Built a powerful searching component in front of SearchWP. Built a Lumen application to fetch tens of thousands of records from a very slow API by using Queues and importing directly into WordPress.


Led development planning and built game component in React.

A DDR-style game to turn your phone into a handbell. Geared towards being social, we saw an opportunity to use WebSockets and allow users to join a room and play a song together.

Personal Projects

From concept to execution, these projects showcase my passion for using the web to solve real problems while staying creative and up-to-date using the best the web has to offer. All of my projects take advantage of Github, Google Analytics, CloudFlare, Rollbar, and Digital Ocean services, to name a few.


Service to easily embed a visual indicator for what breakpoint a browser is currently viewing a page at.


Group reminder service that uses texting to keep you and your friends accountable. Built on Laravel utilizing Twilio for texting and Pusher for websocket events.

Selected Presetentations and Writings

Specific Skills

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